The yurt is not a reality yet. But it will be. And you can make it happen sooner. The idea has lived in my heart for ages and it feels like the time has come to see who this resonates with.


This is about offering a space where people can come together and grow.  A large yurt in the back yard, behind the motel, for affordable retreats with a summer camp vibe.


Slow down from everyday life, be silent together, do things that bring you joy. Cook healthy meals, go for early morning lake swims, hot afternoon ocean dips. And take time to sit in a circle together.


What if there was a place where you could be vulnerable and raw, where you feel safe and loved, where laughter and tears are equally valued. A place where you are seen and heard and where you see and hear others. A place where you can step out of your daily reality and expand and grow.


That place is a circle, a group of people who come together with purpose. Every person is there to learn and share their wisdom in equal parts. 


From my own personal desire, I picture mother circles, women circles, female filmmaker circles, documentary filmmaker circles and poetry circles and there are many, many more circles that will see the light over time.


Does this resonate with you? Does your brain immediately come up with a circle you would like to be a part of?  A group you want to invite? Do you have questions? Please send a message to and share your spark. There is so much potential to create something special together!


We have put aside an initial $5000 to realise the Merrybell Yurt. The more funds are donated, the faster we can make this happen. If you would like to support this project financially, please do so by sending a check or transferring money via Venmo. We are grateful for every contribution. Weather it's sharing the story with your friends, sending 10$ or 1000$ or donating materials for the platform. It's all good! 



561 Atlantic Highway

Northport, ME 04849


Venmo: @merrybellyurt

  • YURT $20000

  • PLATFORM $3000

  • SHIPPING $2000

  • WOODSTOVE $1500

FUNDS TO DATE: $5000.00